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BioRestore offers numerous solutions for guys experiencing erectile dysfunction. Speak with a clinician today about which option is best for you.

While erections might seem like a simple bodily function, there are many physical and psychological factors at play that decide whether the equipment works or doesn’t.

Due to that complexity, the solution isn’t the same for every man. BioRestore’s clinicians specialize in understanding your unique health issues and work with you to find the best solution.

Sometimes that solution is a simple pill. Other times, issues like low testosterone are the cause (and we have the answer for that too!).

How it works

Get your consultation

Consult with a BioRestore clinician via telemedicine or at one of our clinics to understand which ED solution is best for you.

Choose the right solution

If you qualify for a prescription, work with your BioRestore clinician to choose the best option for your sexual health goals.

Delivered to your front door

Our ED products are delivered directly to your home. No need for a pharmacy visit!



The generic form of Viagra that works as a vasodilator and is taken before sexual intercourse on an as needed basis.

$99 / 18 doses.

The generic form of Cialis, also a vasodilator, that has an effect lasting longer than Sildenafil and can be an option for daily use.

$99 / 9 doses.

Often composed of alprostadil, papaverine, and phentolamine, TriMix is an injectable libido medication that can be a better ED option for some men.

$85 / 10 doses.

Both a hormone and neurotransmitter, Oxytocin is known as the ‘Love Hormone’ as it can induce a feeling of more intimate connection with your partner.

$85 / 10 doses.

A peptide that affects a person’s feeling of sexual desire and arousal, it is a newer solution to erectile dysfunction for some men.

$199 / 20 doses.
Are Sildenafil and Tadalafil basically the same?

While they’re both vasodilators, Sildenafil’s window of effectiveness is generally from 30-60 minutes after taking and for up to 4 hours. Tadalafil’s effectiveness can be as long as 36 hours.

What if these pills don't work?

Outside of the usual “little blue pill” solutions, BioRestore offers peptides such as Oxytocin and PT-141 to improve ED at the neurobiological level. We also offer BioWave at some of our clinics – BioWave promotes new vessel growth and breaks apart vascular plaque that can worsen ED as men age.


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Tracy Cowan
Tracy Cowan
16:47 21 Jul 20
Had an issue they stepped up corrected it and explained it to me and made me feel more secure. Knowledgeable staff very... friendly highly recommendread more
Deborah OSullivan
Deborah OSullivan
13:40 21 Jan 20
I highly recommend BioRestore Health. I feel like my "old" self again. The staff is exceptional. They will take the... time to find out what your personal goals are and fit a program to your individual needs. I have not felt this good in years and I owe it all to BioRestore Health!read more
22:42 13 Jan 20
The crew at biorestore is beyond helpful and understanding. They take the time to explain everything and help you... understand exactly what is going on. Their prices are extremely reasonable and affordable for all clientele. They are extremely accommodating and are very responsive when you have questions. If you are in the market for their products take the time to check them out as they will get you going in the right direction and feel comfortable while doing more
Tim Stampp
Tim Stampp
19:29 13 Jan 20
Outstanding service and high quality products. The medical management of treatment by the physician is extremely well... done and produces excellent results. The support staff members truly care about helping you. The follow up and responses to requests and questions exceeds expectations every time. First class organization in every more
Philip Pilletere
Philip Pilletere
18:47 13 Jan 20
I started one year ago with an open mind. I took blood work and had the meeting with Vin. I was shocked to hear and see... my results. I was 52, at the time, and thought I was in good health. I was in good health, but missing some important elements to make my life better. Vin explained everything and did not try to pitch treatments or drugs. I took what he said, investigated further, and found he was knowledgeable and correct in his findings. I started my treatments and things have been superb since. I even use their nutrisionist, Kate, now. if you're looking for ways to improve your health and workouts, BioRestore is the place to more
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