bioRestore's customized hormone treatments are quick and effective and help you feel like you again!


We offer various effective weight loss treatments for men and women, including FDA approved medicines, hCG supplements, and MIC Vitamin injections


Hormone replacement of deficient testosterone therapy combined with powerful and effective estrogen blockade to protect against gynecomastia

Testosterone Deficiency Occurs Earlier Than You Think

Men Over 30 25%

Men Over 45 40%

Men Over 65 60%

Because testosterone impacts many areas of life, you may have symptoms without realizing it and the reality is that testosterone inadequacy can occur at a younger age than most men imagine. bioRestore offers hormone replacement of deficient testosterone combined with powerful and effective estrogen blockade to protect against gynecomastia.

How Our Treatments Work


Free Health Assessment

First we talk. If one of our therapies seems right for you, we’ll have you take a simple blood test.


Customized Plan

If therapy is appropriate for you, we will develop a custom plan to suite your specific needs. We have several packages depending on your needs.


Treatment Regimen

The treatment regimen is based on your individual needs.


Follow Up

We will follow-up to monitor your progress and make sure you are getting the results you need.

Featured Wellness Packages


Weight Loss Package

This package includes weekly telephonic weight checks combines with Phentermine daily-an FDA APPROVED weight loss medicine.


Stress Help

This package is designed for people with low cortisol levels as a result of prolonged life stress. Cortisol is a stress hormone which is depleted over time, without proper rest and relaxation.


Age Management Boost

Sermorelin is a peptide (combined of proteins) specifically formulated to increase one's natural levels of growth hormone.


Vitamin Therapy

B Complex & Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, MIC B12 & B6 combo, Vitamin B12, MIC B Complex & Carnitine

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