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BioRestore Health is a unique health partner. Whether you are seeking medical treatment for hormone balance, pain management, erectile dysfunction, weight loss, or something else entirely, our guided process puts safety and overall well-being first.  We provide the one-on-one support necessary to pinpoint just what YOU need with anti-aging therapies for men and women designed to help you look and feel younger, healthier, and live your best life. Our broad range of services and therapies allows flexible treatment planning specific to your needs.

Our patients receive thorough, clinically astute treatment from a staff of expert clinicians. We create a personalized treatment plan to tackle the issues you might not know underlie your symptoms. From your first consultation to your treatment and follow-up visits, we partner with you on your wellness journey to ensure you are getting the results you desire. It’s time to become the healthiest version of YOU!

Aging may be out of your control but how you handle it is in your hands! 


Hormonal and health imbalances can derail careers and personal lives. Our clinicians work with you to personalize a game plan and reverse that train.

Dr. Matthew Stanizzi — MD, Urology Medical Director

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20% of men over 30 years old have testosterone levels that should be optimized. Low-T Restore from BioRestore is the most complete solution to low testosterone.

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How it works

You’ll get a comprehensive view of your hormone levels along with a one-on-one consultation with one of our clinicians. If treatment looks like the right option for you, we will provide personalized treatment that best meets your health goals.

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