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Achieve more with IV Therapy—the drip your body deserves to do more, stress less, and stay sharp and healthy.

Unlike traditional supplements and oral vitamins, IV Therapy confers a 100% absorption rate. It can replenish the body’s hydration levels, regain the vitamin and nutrient balance, and rejuvenate the aesthetic appearance leaving you revitalizedre-energized, and forever changed.

How it works

Choose Your IV Treatment

BioRestore offers numerous IV therapy options – Choose one that can rehydrate, aid physical recovery, or improve mental sharpness.

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Feel the Results

Our patients constantly rave about how great they feel after an IV treatment. And most of our patients come back for more!


Fountain of Youth

Replenishes the body for noticeably healthier skin, hair, and nails.

Natural Defense

Protects the body and speeds up recovery from an airborne illness such as a cold.

Chelation Therapy

Improves blood flow by removing heavy metals in the bloodstream.

Rise and Shine

Reduces headaches and stops feelings of fatigue or exhaustion after a hangover.

The Executive

Promotes mental clarity and focus during work hours and beyond.


Empowers cells, slows down aging and produces a brighter, healthier skin glow.


Promotes cell regeneration to help cognitive functions.

What's the difference between traditional oral supplements and
 IV Therapy?

While oral supplements may seem convenient for some people, your body can’t obtain 100% of the nutrients due to the lower absorption rate. IV Therapy, on the other hand, is delivered instantly into the bloodstream—with 100% of the nutrients available for your body to use. Better still, the impact of an IV Therapy session lasts longer than a traditional oral supplement or a multivitamin. One hour of IV Therapy equals multiple days of benefit.

How long does an IV therapy session usually take?

IV therapy typically takes between 30-40 minutes, depending on the type of therapy and the treatment plan.

Who's a good candidate for IV Therapy?

Anyone with a good health history can benefit from IV Therapy. However, if you suffer from certain health conditions, retain fluids, or have kidney problems, you may not be a good candidate for IV Therapy. When in doubt, please consult your primary care physician.


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15:29 19 Nov 21
I am so thankful that I discovered BioRestore and have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Stanizzi. His expertise and... knowledge in hormone therapy have truly helped me to get my life back in balance and on track to actively living again! His caring mannerism, attention to detail, and continued follow-up are above and beyond. I can't thank him enough!read more
big bob anthony
big bob anthony
14:00 11 Sep 21
Dr. S is the truth! A true care giver who helped me get to the bottom of what was actually going on. Few words I could... use are Honest , Respectful , And gentle. I'm glad this is my caregiverread more
Joellen Huggins
Joellen Huggins
20:22 02 Sep 21
Dr. Stanizzi is a wealth of information. He provided so much insight into what I was dealing with in a professional and... helpful way. His knowledge and compassion immediately put me at ease. Would highly recommend this practice!read more
Karen Gagnon
Karen Gagnon
22:22 24 Aug 21
Dr. Stanizzi made an impact on my health in just 2 IV vitamin therapy visits. He has a unique perspective of... traditional health care and alternative care options to support optimal health, a rare find! He thoroughly explained all treatment options, pros/cons of each, doses, and anticipated health benefits. Dr. Stanizzi is an excellent listener and meets you where you’re at. I have already recommended him to colleagues and friends. Truly a pleasure to meet and be treated by him when I was on the mend. Thank you!!read more
Jim Lesmerises
Jim Lesmerises
18:57 23 Aug 21
Matt is a consummate professional. He always takes the time to listen to the patients needs, wants, goals, and most... importantly, their Concerns. He is truly there to help you with all your issues and goals. Could not be put into better hands. You will not be disappointedread more
Henry Ntoro
Henry Ntoro
19:03 13 Aug 21
Dr. Stanizzi is so wonderful. I was able to see the difference between him and some clinics I have visited in the past.... He is unique in many ways, firstly you can sense that human touch, feel his presence in your healing journey. He has alot of expertise in all that he is doing, listens and thorough in his explanations. For the first time I left his office knowing that there is still someone there who cares about my pain and really cares. He is more
Kaylen Brassard
Kaylen Brassard
12:22 17 Jun 21
I had an amazing experience with Dr. Stanizzi. It was nice to work with someone who actually had some knowledge and was... willing to listen and try to come up with some answers as to why I’ve been feeling so out of balance. The “It’s normal to feel like that” from my OBGYN with not even a second thought just felt wrong. I would recommend Dr. Stanizzi to anyone!read more
Tony Evora
Tony Evora
03:57 10 Jun 21
I just want to say i have been with BioRestore for 3 month and followed Dr. Stanizzi guidance and have made huge... improvement from where i start i have more energy now than before longer workouts and no more napping in the afternoon .He is all about your well beingread more
John Woodrow
John Woodrow
21:14 10 May 21
Tremendous place to go and get all your men's (and woman's) health concerns addressed. Providing a better, more... holistic approach to optimum health, Dr. Stanizzi took the time to ask insightful questions and provide options and approaches to my health I had not previously considered. I left better informed with a solid plan of more
Jennifer Flores
Jennifer Flores
00:53 30 Apr 21
Dr. Stanizzi was patient and careful as he set up my Natural Defense IV drip. He put me at ease as he carefully... explained all the benefits of the treatment and thoroughly answered my questions. He checked on me during the treatment and took time to ensure that I was comfortable. He is a top-notch professional who i would recommend without more
Alex Newell
Alex Newell
15:01 27 Apr 21
Dr. Matt Stanizzi did a full blood workup for me and reviewed in such great detail, I was able to learn a lot about my... overall health as well as any deficiencies I had. It is very refreshing to work with a doctor that does not treat you like a number, instead gives you an actual plan based on your specific needs. I am working with Dr. Stanizzi on my overall health, but also more specifically in ways to proactively combat issues that arise when reaching your mid 40's. In my experience, most health care professionals are very limited in their expertise. Dr. Stanizzi has a well rounded breadth of knowledge I have not found anywhere else. I would encourage anyone to meet with him and see for more
Bernice Lopez
Bernice Lopez
16:57 07 Apr 21
I came to BioRestore in Nashua in December and I am thrilled I did! I am under the care of a Board Certified physician... who is safely administering Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy. His approach to restorative medicine is professional and innovative. I highly recommend!read more
Rick Lovering
Rick Lovering
18:45 06 Apr 21
I had a great experience with Dr. Stanizzi and the Emsculpt Neo procedure. After 4 treatments I noticed an improvement... on all core/ab style workouts. I have also been able to see a small physical change in just a few weeks! I look forward to future treatments at BioRestore NH!read more
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Dr. Matthew Stanizzi
MD, Urology Medical Director

Having specialized in urological medicine for over a decade, Dr. Stanizzi is committed to quality care for each and every one of his patients. When it comes to age-related medical challenges, Dr. Stanizzi is highly regarded in New England, having published research in many medical journals and recognized for his urology work and research.

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