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We're here to restore your superpowers

From start to finish, BioRestore Health is a unique beast of a health partner. Whether you come seeking medical treatment for low testosterone, weight loss, or something else entirely, our guided process puts safety and overall well-being first: no buts about it.

What sets us apart?  We provide the one-on-one support necessary to pinpoint just what YOU need. Yes, you.

Another thing you should know about us is that we’re not a mail-order pharmacy. In fact, we’re the definition of hyperlocal for those in the tri-state area – we come directly to your living room for eligibility testing if that’s what your schedule demands.

low testosterone

July 24, 2019 | Comments Off on low testosterone

It is estimated that low testosterone affects more than 20 million men in the United States

Our Team

Think of our clinicians as friends who happen to have MDs in just the “right” areas. They tackle the issues that you might not know underlie your symptoms. They offer solutions for those questions you are not likely to bring to your regular doctor. You get that yearly physical, right? No shame, but we’re all for being open about our health concerns and celebrating the opportunity to look and feel better.


Vincent Penry

Co-founder and Chief Clinical Officer

Experience highlights
  • 20+ years in board-certified Family Practice
  • Primary experience in the ICU and intensive care departments

Behavioral health, age management, acute and primary care

My Preferred Package

Clock Stopper

Prevention of disease and a focus on quality of life should be the foundation for how every doctor cares for their patients—not just us. Sometimes a patient comes in and he’s proactive in his health, but his low HgH levels are a problem. I look to sermorelin in this case. It stimulates the body’s natural production of HgH, so naturally, the Clock stopper is my favorite.


Gary Garofalo

Business Manager

Experience highlights
  • 18 years dedicated to healthcare integration and sales
  • Knows the ins and outs of adding value to business-patient interactions

Enterprise tele-health solutions, Insight-driven health management, Staff direction (and Angela’s happy husband)

My Preferred Package

Recharge Batteries

I love when I get a call from one of our patients telling me how great they are feeling, not only physically but mentally. I can’t stress enough that, in addition to physical appearance, testosterone and hormone therapy helps improve focus, mood, and overall mental wellness.


Angela Garofalo

Co-founder and Consulting Manager

Experience highlights
  • Wears several hats in managing the practice and consultations
  • Analytical mind with a finance background
  • Years of people skills as a mother of three
My Preferred Package

Recharge Batteries (for low libido)

There’s nothing more rewarding than when a patient tells me we saved his or her marriage. Knowing that I can help bring back that intimate sexual connection between a couple is amazing. It is often a medical issue—and just what we specialize in. Our patients feel comfortable talking about anything here, which tells me we are doing something right!


Jill Penry

Co-founder and Chief Clinical Officer

Experience highlights
  • Manages interactions and consultations as a component expert
  • Background in social services and cognitive-behavioral solutions
  • Beats Angela as a mother of four
My Preferred Package

Take it all in

Behavioral health has major implications when it comes to clinical outcomes. The reason our weight loss patients are so happy is that we help them achieve lasting change by addressing their habits and the way they think about losing weight. I use my social services background to advise on the most effective components to fit each patient’s lifestyle and tendencies. I’m proud to be part of a team that really personalizes the process.

Our Treatments

Every patient is different, though productwise, many of them choose the combinations featured in our bestselling packages. During the evaluation, our clinicians will assess your treatment needs and recommend only the components that can get you those results. No hard sells here.