Level up
performance packages

How it works

Take your training and recovery to the next level whether you’re an aspiring athlete, looking to break performance plateaus, or just combat age-related slowdown.

Our Level up package is customized to your performance and health needs with hormone boosting medication and hormone supporting vitamin injectables.

Who it's for:

Athletes on the rise 

Supplement your training with true sports performance. Support your body’s natural human growth hormone to recover faster from workouts and build a leaner, meaner body to out maneuver the competition.

Plateau breakers

You’ve been hitting the same max week after week after week in all your big lifts, sprint times, and endurance feats. Time for a switch up!

Develop more lean muscle mass and help your body repair and regenerate tissue with a combination of HGH supporting components with along with mood-boosting B12 to give you the mental strength to power through bigger and bigger sets.

Seasoned performers

For guys that revel in their past glories but still want to push themselves to perform, Level up is the perfect companion for fighting off fatigue and long recovery times that increase with age. Maintain your bone density, cell regeneration, and youthful energy to stay in shape “post-season”.

Included below are the top selling components of Level up. BioRestore customizes each package to meet your goals and health needs. When you’re ready to take things to the next level, we offer free consultations to everyone interested in our Level up packages and other age and performance related packages.

Common Components:


Sermorelin is a growth hormone releasing hormone, meaning it stimulates the pituitary gland to promote your body’s ability to produce more Human Growth Hormone.

Sermorelin is a bio-identical hormone that is molecularly identical to the hormones that naturally occur in your body.

Unlike synthetic forms of Growth Hormone treatment, Sermorelin has been shown to increase your body’s HGH safely and effectively.

Since Human Growth Hormone is in charge of cell growth and regeneration, increasing your HGH levels can improve recovery time from both injury and training.

Advantages of increasing your body’s HGH levels include:

  • Increased development of lean body mass
  • Reduced body fat through lipolysis
  • Increased energy, vitality, strength, and endurance
  • Accelerated healing from wounds or surgery
  • Strengthened heart
  • Enhanced immune system
  • Improved sleep quality


Vitamin B12 absorption occurs naturally through our diets, but as we age or if you are experiencing gastric acid deficiencies, our natural B12 levels drop. This results in lower mood and mental clarity.

A better mood and more energy can give just as much a performance edge as any supplement you may be familiar with, which is why B12 is favored by so many of our patients.


The “Sunshine Vitamin” many of us are not getting enough of.

Studies have shown that D3 can have a positive effect on your body’s ability to synthesize protein and contribute to increased muscle mass. Studies have also shown that D3 is a factor in supporting optimal testosterone levels, increasing bone mineral density and supporting blood vessel health.

The combination of components in our Level up package is customized based on your needs and your BioRestore Health specialist will work with you to create the best package for optimal results.

To find out more about Level up and its individual components, give us a call today at 203-491-2999 or tell us what we can help you with by taking the first step.