One thing almost everyone has in common is lowered circulatory performance and vascular elasticity as they age. For guys, that means a more difficult time achieving erections they were used to when they were younger.

BioWave solves that problem at its root cause. BioWave is an Acoustic Pressure Wave Therapy treatment that encourages neo-vascularization to promote new blood vessel growth while breaking up vascular plaque.

That means increased blood flow and healthier erections.

BioWave is FDA-approved and completely non-invasive. Treatments are just a quick in-office visit with no down time.

Our patients have seen amazing results, even with just one set of treatments!


How it works

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Talk to a BioRestore clinician who can further explain the BioWave treatment and what results you can expect.

Start treatment

If BioWave is right for you, starting treatment is easy. We’ll schedule multiple treatment sessions that fit your schedule.

See results

Most guys notice a difference after their first set of treatments! BioWave is effective in over 90% of patients treated!

BioWave by BioRestore

The number and frequency of treatments vary for each patient but expect an initial 6-12 treatments over the course of several weeks or months.
$499 / treatment.
multiple treatments required
Who can benefit from BioWave?

Most guys that have noticed a decline in erection health can benefit from BioWave. Multiple health factors can acceleratd a decline in vascular health and some men will notice erectile dysfunction at an earlier age.

How many treatments before I notice something?

Some of our patients notice big changes even after their first treatment session. But on average a couple of treatments may be required before noticing results.

Does the treatment last forever?

Treatment has been medically proven to provide patients with results for 2-3 years. After which, maintenance treatments can continue the benefits indefinitely.

What Are the Advantages of BioWave over Other “Male Enhancement” Procedures?

BioWave is different in that it is a completely non-invasive, drug and surgery free treatment. The sessions treat the root cause improving blood flow, providing long-lasting results.


The improvement in erectile function and overall sexual performance after treatment for men has been incredible. Thousands of men have reported:

  • Enhanced Erections
  • More Spontaneous Intimacy
  • Increased Sensation
  • Long-lasting Results
  • Better Orgasms
  • Overall Improved Sexual Performance


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Tracy Cowan
Tracy Cowan
16:47 21 Jul 20
Had an issue they stepped up corrected it and explained it to me and made me feel more secure. Knowledgeable staff very... friendly highly recommendread more
Deborah OSullivan
Deborah OSullivan
13:40 21 Jan 20
I highly recommend BioRestore Health. I feel like my "old" self again. The staff is exceptional. They will take the... time to find out what your personal goals are and fit a program to your individual needs. I have not felt this good in years and I owe it all to BioRestore Health!read more
22:42 13 Jan 20
The crew at biorestore is beyond helpful and understanding. They take the time to explain everything and help you... understand exactly what is going on. Their prices are extremely reasonable and affordable for all clientele. They are extremely accommodating and are very responsive when you have questions. If you are in the market for their products take the time to check them out as they will get you going in the right direction and feel comfortable while doing more
Tim Stampp
Tim Stampp
19:29 13 Jan 20
Outstanding service and high quality products. The medical management of treatment by the physician is extremely well... done and produces excellent results. The support staff members truly care about helping you. The follow up and responses to requests and questions exceeds expectations every time. First class organization in every more
Philip Pilletere
Philip Pilletere
18:47 13 Jan 20
I started one year ago with an open mind. I took blood work and had the meeting with Vin. I was shocked to hear and see... my results. I was 52, at the time, and thought I was in good health. I was in good health, but missing some important elements to make my life better. Vin explained everything and did not try to pitch treatments or drugs. I took what he said, investigated further, and found he was knowledgeable and correct in his findings. I started my treatments and things have been superb since. I even use their nutrisionist, Kate, now. if you're looking for ways to improve your health and workouts, BioRestore is the place to more
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