Less Muscle, More Fat - BioRestore Health

At BioRestore in New Hampshire one of the more common problems that we encounter is andropause. What is andropause? Sometimes it’s known as low testosterone or hypogonadism. This is the predictable decrease in testosterone that occurs with men as they get older. This can be observed on a blood test but you must also have symptoms of andropause or low testosterone in order to make the diagnosis.

Some symptoms of low testosterone result in the following changes in body composition.

Decreased muscle – changes in body composition can often be associated with the problematic decline in testosterone. The technical term is sarcopenia. But mostly guys notice that their muscles are becoming weaker and they’re finding more difficulty getting results at the gym. They feel weaker, recover more slowly, and are prone to more sports injuries.

Increased body fat – Sometimes a decrease in testosterone can result in something we call the metabolic syndrome. This results in slowing of the metabolism and can result in increased body fat.

Less Energy – Similar to the decrease in body fat, a slowed metabolism can also result in overall decreased energy and vitality.

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