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There are many symptoms of low testosterone. Cognitive functions, such as memory and focus, are impacted by having low T levels. This can be not only frustrating but detrimental. Low testosterone levels in men can impact their ability to think and focus clearly throughout their day.

While many people attribute this issue to regular aging, it may not be the sole cause. We’ll go over some of the biggest  cognitive function symptoms of low testosterone. If you experience one or many of these symptoms  daily, you may be suffering from hypogonadism, or low testosterone.

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What You May Be Feeling


Depression and anxiety can stem from many different causes. But low testosterone levels can directly  affect your mental health. Depression also can come as a result of other symptoms piling on. This leads  to a spiral where you may feel anxious or depressed due to mental fog. 

Lack of Motivation 

Have you found yourself not enjoying your hobbies or have a difficult time getting work done? Low T  levels can cause you to lose interest in the activities you enjoy as well as chores, work, and tasks you  need to finish each day. 

Lowered Mood 

Just because you haven’t been diagnosed with depression doesn’t mean you can’t have a lowered  mood. An overall haze or lack of joy and happiness in your life may be the result of low T levels. 


Depression, a lack of motivation, and other symptoms can cause you to be easily irritable. If small  instances or slightly annoying situations start to make you more upset than normal, you may be  suffering from irritability caused by low T levels. 

Lack of Confidence 

Have you been unsure of yourself, your work, and your interests lately? Many men with low testosterone levels find a lack of interest in the activities they enjoy, resulting in lower self-confidence as well. 

Lower Sex Drive 

While this may feel like an indirect impact, cognitive function affects your sex drive as well. This can make it hard to focus on individual tasks, affecting your quality of life and your relationships. Difficulties in your relationships can lead to added stress and worry, which then affects your sex drive. 

Less Mental Sharpness 

Are you having difficulty focusing and remembering important pieces of information throughout the day? Cognitive function centers around the brain’s ability to be aware and maintain wit and memory. If you find yourself forgetting simple things, tasks, or important dates, you may be suffering from cognitive function symptoms of low testosterone. 

How We Can Help

If you have noticed one or many of these symptoms, you may have low testosterone levels. At  BioRestore Health, we’re here for you. Our program conducts a deep analysis of your symptoms along  with physical tests to determine if you do have low T levels. From there, there are many ways to raise 

our T levels with hormone replacement therapy. We’ll help you determine the right treatment plan to get your life back on track. Schedule an appointment with us at our Nashua office today to get started!

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