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Erectile dysfunction affects millions worldwide and is classified as a man’s inability to maintain an erection that is hard and long enough to perform sexual intercourse. This inability becomes a true medical condition once difficulty persists for an extended period. GAINSWave treats the root cause of erectile dysfunction by addressing poor blood flow.

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GAINSWave is the premium brand of shockwave therapy used to treat erectile dysfunction, Peyronie’s disease, and optimize sexual performance. Brought to you by Vitality Connect, this treatment is performed by a network of highly-trained medical providers across the country.

GAINSWave is an effective option because it addresses the root cause of many penile issues – poor blood flow. Treatment is all-natural, non-invasive, and yields long-term patient results.

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PJ Kowalski

Extracorporeal Pulse Activation Specialist

PJ has 3 years of extracorporeal pulse activation experience as well as 21 years of healthcare experience, primarily in emergency medicine.
He was one of the first individuals to be trained in Connecticut for the use of EPAT, not only for the repair of erectile dysfunction but also for musculoskeletal chronic pain treatment.

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